Balthasar Permoser.

Kammer bei Otting, Chiemgau 1651-1732 Dresden, attr. to
A Pilgrim as a Memento Mori Florence, c. 1685, boxwood, h. 38 cm IMAGES Dossier

Hendrick van Holt, attr. to

Kalkar, Germany, c.1520-30
Saint Sebastian Oakwood, carved in the round IMAGES Dossier

Girolamo Campagna

Verona 1549 - 1625 Venice, workshop
Diana, goddess of hunt Early 17th century, bronze, h. 55.5 cm IMAGES Dossier

Madonna and Child

Franconia or Bohemia, second quarter of 14th century Lindenwood with original paint and gilding, h. 96 cm IMAGES Dossier

Johann Baptist Hagenauer

Ainring near Salzburghofen (Freilassing) 1732–1810 Vienna, attributed to
Pieta Salzburg, c. 1755/60, alabaster, 25 x 28.5 x 17.5 cm, with pedestal 31.5 x 34 x 22 cm IMAGES Dossier


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