Alonso Cano, attr. to

Granada, 1601 – 1667
Standing Christ Child
Lead, painted, wooden pedestal with gilded brass mountings, height 61.5 cm

Alonso Cano

Painter, sculptor and architect

The ‘Escuela granadina de pintura’

The artist, who worked as a painter, sculptor and architect, is considered the founder of the ‘Escuela granadina de pintura’, the Granada School of painting. At the age of twenty-four, Cano was already the supervisor of all royal buildings and court painter to Philip IV in Madrid. Cano never travelled to Italy but taught himself the styles used in antiquity and transferred these to his paintings that were solely of religious subjects.


Brothers in faith

To protect the "holy of holies"

Confraternities of the Blessed Sacrament, organised Christian communities of men who call each other ‘brothers’, were increasingly founded from the Middle Ages onwards. Among the original duties of a confraternity was the protection of the ‘holy of holies’ during processions through the streets of a city. Confraternities also had their own ecclesiastical rights regarding the celebration of mass. They also aided pilgrims, foreigners and anyone vulnerable or sick and maintained their own hospices and hospitals. The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament in Sevilla belongs to the church of El Salvador.

The "Semana Santa" in Sevilla


Showing of the Christ Child

It is possible that this small figure of the Christ Child was shown in processions during the Semana Santa – Holy Week, from Palm Sunday until Good Friday – in Sevilla. The beginning and end of each procession is always in the district in which the confraternity (or brotherhood) is based. The entrada, the entance of the confraternity in the candle-lit church after the procession, is a special highlight.