MASTER I.C., prob. Jean de Court

Ewer with Nude Horsemen
France, Limoges, third quarter of the 16th century, h. 26 cm

The Trojan War

Great heroes

Capricious faith

Ajax was one of the major heroes of the Trojan War. In the Iliad Homer describes him as a man of great stature who towered above everyone else. During the Trojan War Ajax fell in love with Princess Tecmessa who, after the violent death of her father, King Teuthras, was captured and included among the spoils of war. This union produced a son, Eurysaces, the later King of Salamis, the first of a dynastic line of rulers. Ajax did not live to experience his son’s successful reign as he committed suicide while the Trojan War was still raging.


From the bishop´s palace

to a museum of Fine Arts

A former episcopal palace from the 18th century, designed by the Brousseau brothers, now houses the treasures of Limoges Art Museum. A collection of enamel artworks dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, unlike any other in the world, has been assembled here. It also displays Art Deco and contemporary objects that testify to the great tradition of enamel production in this city in central France.

THe kings of France

The house of Valois

followed by Bourbon

When this beautiful jug was made, Henry III from the House of Valois was King of France and the country was in a very bad state politically due to the Wars of Religion between the Roman Catholics and the Huguenots. Despite the times, the aristrocracy and the wealthy bourgeoisie greatly admired beautiful and ostentatious enamel vessels from Limoges. Limoges was more than 300km (186mi) from the court at Fontainebleau or Paris – a journey that would have taken several days. When Henry III died childless in 1589, the House of Valois became extinct.