Works of Art

Passion for Treasures of the Past

Important Triptych with the Passion of Christ

South Germany, 1475-1485

Mother-of-pearl, gilt wood frame, 21,2 x 11,6 x 4,2 cm

The Cloisters, New York ©

Hans Daucher

Sheald bearer with the Ducal Arms of Saxony

Augsburg, ca. 1520, Solnhoferkalkstein, partly coloured, h. 50.2 cm

Metropolitan Museum, New York ©

Ignaz Günther

Model for the so-called "Female Saint of Starnberg"

Munich, ca. 1755, Linden wood with pencil marks, 20.6 x 10.5 x 7.3 cm

Metropolitan Museum, New York ©

Leonhard Kern

The Deposition

South Germany, c. 1640-50, Alabaster, 32.5 x 25.7 cm

Metropolitan Museum, New York ©

Luisa Ignacia Roldàn

Spain, c. 1700, hartwood, 55 x 47 x 28 cm

Maria Magdalena

Speed Museum, USA ©

Leonhard Kern

Madonna and Child

South Germany, c. 1610, Alabaster, 30.6 x 25 cm

American private collection

Michael Erhart

Christ child with wine grape

Strassburg, ca. 1470, willow tree with the original polychromy, 40.4 x 20 x 16.2 cm

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich


Bohemia, c. 1400

Bohemian, c. 1480,  limestone with polychrome highlight, 38.1 x 39.1 x 14 cm

Metropolitan Museum, New York ©

Important Frame

Florence, 1560 - 1580, walnut

Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections ©

Jacopo Sansovino

Saint John the Baptist

Italy, c. 1530, clay, remains of the original polychromy, h. 66.7 cm

American private collection

Jean de la Huerta, attr.

Anna Selbdritt

France, c. 1460, sandstone, h. 47 cm

European Private Collection

Nicolaus Gerhaert van Leyden, attr.

Madonna and Child

Straßburg, c. 1470, boxwood, h. 33.6 cm

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York ©

Peter Dell the Elder

Madonna and Child

South Germany, c. 1520, Lindenwood, later polychromy, 41 x 29 cm

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich

Daniel Mauch

St. Michael

Ulm, c. 1510, Lindenwood, h. 65 cm

Zweckverband Oberwschwäbische Elektrizitätswerke ©

Erasmus Grasser, workshop

Holy King

Munich, c. 1480, limewood, h. 47 cm

Eurpoean private collection

Francis van Bossuit

Saint Sebastian

Amsterdam, c. 1680, ivory, h. 42.5 cm

European private Collection