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Every year we look forward once again to March in great anticipation as, that month, everything revolves around TEFAF Maastricht. Our preparations for the 2019 fair started long in advance, as every year, with the cataloguing and photographing of selected artworks before handing them over to our art shipping company which takes them to Maastricht. This hard work has paid off. Many long-standing customers visited us this spring as well and let themselves be captivated by the exquisite objects, both big and small, spanning seven centuries, that were presented on our stand. We were especially pleased by the interest shown by younger collectors who visited Maastricht not least of all on account of TEFAF’s greater focus on modern and contemporary art.

Through its diversity, the fair manages to infuse both experienced collectors and newcomers with an enthusiasm for objects of the highest artistic quality from all eras and genres. An imaginary and inspiring cross-over inevitably comes to light while touring the fair, which is a feast for the senses, perfectly seconded by the wonderfully unostentatious, luxurious fair architecture with Dutch floral creations. This fair also awakens one of the most important feelings of all – curiosity. A curiosity to find out more about the artists and their works; a curiosity for the stories that the works of art may have to tell. And, through curiosity, one unavoidably becomes closer to the works, possibly followed by the wish to own them – something that, unlike in museums, is certainly possible at TEFAF.

What is important for our collectors, of course, is the strict appraisal of all the objects carried out before the fair. The so-called ‘Vetting Committee’ is made up exclusively of academic experts, curators, conservators and scholars from the respective fields. Nanne Dekking, the Chairman of  TEFAF Advisory Board, guarantees the ‘highest level of trustworthiness in our sales platforms’.

We are particularly pleased that works were acquired this year, too, by both private as well as institutional collectors. In this respect, we would like to mention the figure of St Sebastian as an examplary case, that is made of oak and carved in the round and attributed to Henrick van Holt. It was bought by the Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmwegen. This wonderfully expressive, Late Gothic figure will, in future, now be accessible to all art lovers – something that we are extremely happy about.

Perhaps you would like to note the dates for TEFAF Maastricht 2020 in your appointments calendar. Next year, the fair runs from Saturday, 7 March to Sunday, 15 March. ‘After the event’ is, as a well-known adage goes, also ‘before the event’.

Florian Eitle-Böhler



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